Day Safari Tour


Delightful sights of the rural U.A.E!
We will let you explore the breadth of the desert spanning from the outskirts of Dubai through Hatta-Oman Road. We will start the adventure with a thrilling drive through the red sand dunes on our way to the lush greenery of Wadi Al Fay. We will visit the beautiful village of Nizwa, a small Bedouin settlement en route to The Sultanate of Oman.

We will cross other small villages and desert oasis towards Camel Fossil Rock. You will surely enjoy the awesome view from the top of Jebel Maleiha. Lunch will be served in the Western Hajar Mountains in the shade of palm trees. Shortly after the break, we will drive out of the wadis and head back to Dubai.

Tour Duration: Approx. 6 hours starting at morning time