Sharjah & Ajman City Tour


Reminisce the ancient times!
With this tour, you will visit the neighboring emirates of Sharjah and Ajman, with an English-speaking tour guide. Sharjah, the third biggest emirate is famous for its Islamic architecture and has been recognized as the Cultural City of the Arab world by UNESCO.

The tour includes a stop at the country’s second biggest mosque, the King Faisal Mosque followed by the drive through the emirate’s labyrinth of exquisitely constructed buildings.

Following the tour around Sharjah, you will visit Ajman, the smallest one among all the seven emirates. Off we will go to the Museum located at the newly renovated Fort of Ajman. We will drive along Corniche to see the panoramic view of Ajman before heading back to Sharjah.

Our next stop is at the renovated Al Nabooda House, a preserved heritage site about 150 year old, to show us a glimpse of how people lived then, sheltering several generations and different extended family members under one roof.

We will wrap up the tour with a visit to the Blue Souk, famous for its ostentatious gold shops and traditional Arabic stalls from which you can select and purchase souvenirs and local products. We will transfer you back to your hotel after you finish your shopping.

Tour Duration: 4 hours